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Art for self-expression

Ardor studio offers art lessons in McKinney, Texas for busy professionals to experience the joy of drawing and painting. 


Start with a beginner painting workshop

This workshop is for absolute beginners and a great social activity with friends and family.

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Fine arts made simple

Drawing and painting is more than just an art form; it relieves stress, boosts self-esteem, and helps people overcome their fears.

  • Great relaxing class. Instructor was kind, easy going, and extremely helpful. Can't wait to go again.
    Terri Maxwell-Stewart
    Painting lesson
  • Second time going and it was wonderful. Laid back, relaxing atmosphere with an awesome instructor. 
    Cami McMillan
    Painting lesson
  • Attended a Pencil Drawing event-with NO experience. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I look forward to going back and learning more!
    Lisa-Lin Burke
    Drawing lesson

Bring an open mind to find your inner painter!

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